IQ 14
ME 14
MA 9
PS 14
PP 15
PE 8
PB 21
SPD 12
Large Clawed Hands
Tough Bones
Opaque Eyes
Third Eye (Cat’s eye)
Wiry Body

Super Burrowing
Multiple Limbs: Arms
Energy Expulsion – Light
Immunity to Magic

Skill Programs: Journalist/Investigation

Secondary Skills


I was fourth born in my family in the U.S.A. While I grew up in a small town in the countryside, my background was highly skilled upper class. I was kind kind of a loner in my town till my early teens when my abilities manifested. Then I just couldn’t turn the sexy off. My four arms with claws and pincers made schooling a little harder than before I mean I’m a mutant with opaque eyes (no pupil) and I have a third eye (which is a cat eye). I’m average height with a wiry body and a pot belly. To top it off I can burrow superbly. Your first thought would be not so good looking, but…. my sexiness is through the roof. After everything came to light I was gung-ho for everything, and I was guts and glory all the way.


Just Another Day in Apocalyptolopolis. RileyHartwig