Commander HoneyBadger


Supersoldier Project
Minor power: Claws (8" from knuckles)
Minor power: Extraordinary Strength
Attempt to make you invulnerable
Increased Dexterity/Agility

Skill Program:
As discussed.


The Commander, formally known as Earnest Griffin IV, started off just like everyone else aspiring to become an American Hero… in the boot camps. However, Earnest was taken out of consideration for frontline duties at the end of boot camp due to his timid nature and slight stature. And so, Earnest, dissapointed from the judgement passed upin him, but still wanting to serve his country to the best of his ability, decided to follow the second path for military serive. Officer training.

Going into military college, Earnest decided that he was going to prove everyone whom every doubted him wrong, especially those who told him that he was unworthy for frontline combat. And so, after four years of grueling traing of both the physical and mental variety, Eanrest emerged from military college as a man that would make those who struck him from the list four years ago regret ever even thinking the thought. Corded muscle and definition backed by a sharpened mind and a very honed set of skills propelled Earnest to graduate as one of the top students of his class, high reccomended to many officer positions.

Thus started the rise of Earnest Griffin IV up the ladder of a military officer. After a couple of years quickly progressing, the name of Griffin was a widely known and respected name to those surrounding him. Earnest was known as one who wasnt afraid to do what needed to be done. One that knew that the rules were guidelines most of the time, and wasnt afraid to bend these guidelines if it was neccesary. The superiors let this slide because he got results better than any other person in his postion, and Earnest knew the line that he shouldnt cross. And played that line beautifully. Eventually, Earnest attained the rank that is now superfluous with his identity…. Commander.

Despite all of his sucess and accolades, Earnest always regretted getting taken out of consideration for frontline heroics during his early days in the military. This thought and failure haunted the dark recesses of his mind, and planted seeds of failure in an otherwise stone wall of success. So, when Earnest was approached by a mysterious man with a badge from an unrecognized agency about the opertunity for redemption in the form of a “Advanced Operative Initative”, Earnest eagerly accpetted. And so it begun.

Over the course of the next few months, countless hours of preperation, lab work and trial runs were preformed, and finally, the procedure was ready. The goal was to make Earnest into the perfect soldier. Increase his natural endurance, strength and agility in order to create what nature refused to… the ideal operative. The date was upon him, and so Earnest woke early in order to get to the assigned undercover lab on time. And after hours of paperwork and intial tests of strength, dexterity, endurance, intelligence and co-ordination, Earnest was ready.

He stepped into the lab, feeling the cool air flow over his body and dry the sweat of the testing off of his limbs and forehead. With a deep breath, inhaling the stale air of an undergrounf laboratory filled with hints of chemical smells, Earnest procedded down the metal staircase into the lab proper, his footsteps metalically echoing with every descending step. Upon arriving on the solid concrete floor, a small, anxious looking man in a white lab coat stepped forward to direct him into his injection chamber, citing instructions and specifications that Earnest had heard a million times and could recite by rote now.

Paralell to his own journey, another man of similar stature and posture to himself walked his own path accompanied by a second scientist. This man was obviously of military background by the ease and confidence with which he carried himself and the symbolic Marine buzzcut he proudly wore. the only identitfication apparent on him was his name on his leaft breast “Corpral M. Black”, and the tattoo on his lower left forearm of red crossed swords under a black sun. Eventually, this man passed from view behind various lab benches and equipment. But not before The Commander saw him step into a shining metal cylinder surrounded by an assortment of hoses, gauges and output screens.

The solid metal of the injection chamber in front of Earnest, broken only by a solitary plexiglass window gleamed with a promising shine of things to come. And with that final thought, Earnest Griffin IV stepped into the tight cylinder and took his last look upon the world of man as a mere mortal.

Commander HoneyBadger

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