IQ 13
ME 11
MA 15
PS 13
PP 17
PE 12
PB 13
SPD 14

Skill Programs:

Secondary skills


Fyn wayne, more commmonly known as “Care Bear” is more confused about his powers than he wants you to think. His powers may be from the writings that appeared on his arms after a curse given to him by ancient tribal leaders or they may have been inheirited or possibly both. Fyn’s powers appeared in his late teens.
him and a couple of his freinds went ot in a forest near there local reserve, while out in the forest they went onto the nearby reserve and decided to spray paint some of the buildings apparently some had seen them, becasuse they were suddenly surrounded by tribal warriors who took them to their eldesr to be punished. the tribal leaders took great consideration into what there punishment should be and eventually it was said that they vandalised one of their most sacred buildings on the whole reserve. the elders eventually came to the conclusion to curse these young boys with ana ancient curse known only to a select few tribal elders. Fyn quickly responded by telling the elders there ancient mumbo jumbo wont work.
shortly after this incident Fyn found faint writings on his arm, with time these writings only became more and more visible. soon after Fyn was outside when suddenly his writings started to glow and he could feel his feet growing and he realized that hair was quickly growing on his arms and his feet were growing. quickly he had turned into a full sized bear but once a bear he realized his head kept growing.
That was the last thing he remembered from that night he then woke up the next day and looked in the mirrow abnd to his surprise his head never shrunk again and his skin was terrifyingly lumpy. he looked even closer and noticed his eyes had change colors and his ears had grown to a point.
Close to six months later he noticed that things that he thought of appeared in front of him and he could manipulate them, his father happened to see these new creations of his and his new appeaance, his father then had the recollection of something his grandfather once told him but he believed was a myth until now “the 4th son of the 4th son of the 4th son of the 4th son will have the ability to make imagination reality” his father believed that this was the reason for his r3ecently acquired power. Fyn on the other hand believed it was just becasuse he was smarter and better than everyone else. Fyn soon realized he wasnt he only of his family to have special gifts his sister also had the ability to manipulate things.
Fyn has always wanted to be able to understand his powers and has gone to school for a wilderness rpogram in search of reasons for why he turns into a bear because he doesnt believe a ancient curse caused it.
Eversince that day Fyn has searched for the elders who cast this curse upon him to find out the truth of if the curse caused his transformation. The tribe that cursed him has since moved away from that reserve because Fyn has searched that place many times and has even found that the building he vandalised when younger is now not just clean but completly gone. He asked the Contruction companies nearby and none of them did a demolish of any buildings on the reserve.
Fyn wayne is not as simple as perceived.


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