Just Another Day in Apocalyptolopolis.

3rd Session 2nd Update!

Newsflash! Missing Officer Sparks City-wide Apprehension!

Ted Damson, Evening 6 News:
“More tragedy today, as the Superhero known as the Shade is reported missing. Called out to a disturbance in his precinct, He reportedly radioed back to the station saying that the had taken care of the situation. However, sources say that he did not return to his residence, and has missed two days of work. Normally this would not be newsworthy, but in the wake of other missing superheroes, and in light of the fact that he has not missed a scheduled day of work in nearly a decade, Officers are growing concerned. Though we have been assured that top men are investigating, police are also asking for help from the public. If anyone has knowledge of The Shade’s whereabouts, they are to report it immediately to local authorities.
This news does not bode well to the average man on the street, with responses to the news ranging from worried tears to concerned prayers. City officials are encouraging the public not to panic, however, and advise the public to let Law Enforcement and local Superheroes take care of the situations that they were meant for.”



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