Welcome to Apocalyptolopolis!

Apocalyptolopolis is much more than a bustling urban center. Like many east coast American cities, Apocalyptolopolis is a melting pot of peoples and cultures from around the world.

The city is often referred to as the City where Lightning Always Strikes Twice, and the Unfortunate City. The city is a tribute to human optimism, as disaster after disaster strikes here, first and hardest – and yet people always think that life is going to be better. They live their lives, make their money, grow up, raise their children, and treat each day as a gift.

To be fair, they’re usually right to be optimistic. The misfortune that so often strikes here tends to be of a super-villainous nature, and while crime and villainy are a monthly occurrence, the good people of Apocalyptolopolis have come to rely on the heroes that dwell here. Noble, Upright, Just, Compassionate, and Good (well, good, anyway..), these mega-men and -women ensure that the safety and livelihood of the citizens is preserved.

Just Another Day in Apocalyptolopolis.

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